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  1. OPERATION BREWERY S02E01 – Making beer well with Hendo from BrewCult

    Operation Brewery is back! If you missed last season, we focused on how we were going about building our brewery. It’s been 7 months since then and things are a bit different.
    This season, Road to the AIBA’s will document our journey to improve the beer we make and work towards the big night for beer in Australia, the AIBA’s in May.

    On episode 1 we catch up with good mate and beer legend Steve (Hendo) Henderson about what we have planned.

  2. How to make sure you are drinking fresh beer

    More often than not, the answer to drinking good beer, is drinking fresh beer. So in this blog post we discuss the 4 main factors that can cause good beer to go bad. We also give you a few pointers on what you can do to make sure the beer you buy tastes like it’s meant to.

  3. Eggnog and Assault Trifle home brew competition winners announced

    In November 2016 we had an email come through asking for the recipe for our Eggnog Stout, as the fella was keen to home brew it for some family Xmas drinking. It got us thinking, we had on our hands 2 very traditional Xmas beers. Assault Trifle & Eggnog Stout. In a cunning attempt to […]

  4. Craft beer bullshit: Impress your mates with these top 10 jargon terms

    Craft beer lingo can be a bit of a mystery for those not part of the scene. So Black Hops head brewer Govs has put together a top ten list of craft beer jargon, to help you know your dank from your lacing.