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  1. What is Gypsy Brewing?

    In this post we talk about gypsy or contract brewing, in particular what it is, how we made it work for Black Hops and factors to consider if you are looking at making the jump from home brewing to commercial brewing.

  2. [PRESS RELEASE] Operation Brewery book launched: three guys’ journey from drinkers to brewery owners

    This is a press release for the launch of our book Operation Brewery, which tells the story of our journey from craft beer drinkers to brewery owners.

  3. Chinese commercial brewing equipment, six months on

    Three months ago we opened the doors to Black Hops after a solid 12 months of planning and setup. Since our first brew on 18 June we’ve been brewing regularly on our commercial brewing equipment sourced from China. We cover the story of our startup and the equipment at great lengths in our upcoming book, Operation […]

  4. Silver lining series 1: I Heart Lager collab with 4 Hearts Brewing

    As per our motto of being ‘the least covert operation in brewing’, we want to share all of our brewing stories with you, both good and bad. Brews don’t always go according to plan, but as we’ve found out, sometimes this can be a good thing! We’ll be doing a series in the blog, on […]

  5. Black Hops August update: upcoming events, what’s on tap and beers coming soon

    It’s been an exciting past few months for Black Hops with the launch of our brewery and taproom in Burleigh last month. Here is an update on some events we are part of, the current beers on tap and upcoming brews. Events Dan Norris guest speaker, Startup Grind, Brisbane: Thursday 28 July from 5pm Black […]

  6. OPERATION BREWERY EP10 – We’re open!

    It’s been a long journey but we’ve finally opened our brewery and tasting room in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. I got the boys together for a final podcast to close out our story. Thanks for supporting us, we look forward to the next chapter.

  7. We’re Hiring – Black Hops Brewing Sales Rep Gold Coast Part Time

    Part Time – 3 days a week (view to go full time) Area – Northern Rivers NSW & SEQ (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunny Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba) Remuneration – Negotiable depending on candidate Closes – This Friday 8 July. Black Hops on a mission to find a Sales Rep Situation: Black Hops Brewing is located in Burleigh […]

  8. [PRESS RELEASE] Sponge Cake in a Beer? Black Hops Brewing Launch Assault on GABS 2016

    On the rise Gold Coast trio Black Hops Brewing are set to launch an all out assault on this year’s Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS). And the not-so-secret weapon in their amber arsenal is a one of a kind beer brewed especially for the event, which they’ve christened Assault Trifle.

  9. Black Hops at Good Beer Week 2016

    We can’t wait for Good Beer Week to kick off in Melbourne. Here is a run down of the events we are involved in. If you are in town, hit us up for a beer! All week – Pint of Origin QLD at Fitzroy Pinnacle Pint of Origin is one of the great and enduring […]

  10. OPERATION BREWERY EP9 – Announcing our Gold Coast brewery & tasting room location

    Our location has been something we’ve been working towards for a long time. In this, our second last episode in the series of launching our brewery, we reveal our location. We also run through the upcoming GABS festival, what we are working on what specifically how we came to our location.