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  1. What’s the deal with beer colour?

    Beer comes in various shades of amber, brown and black. In this post we look at the what gives each beer its own unique colour, and apply this to four of our favourite Black Hops beers.

  2. Pale Ale 12-Pack Slab Pre-order Now Live (Sold Out)

    In April, Black Hops are coming out with our very first beer into cans, our Pale Ale. Read on to see how you can be one of the first to grab a carton when we package it in the first week of April.

  3. Beergustation: heavenly food and beer pairings

    Beergustation is all about matching up great beer and delicious food to create the ultimate stomach lining experience. Read on to discover the beer gastronomy fundamentals, as well as a few of our favourite beer and food pairings.

  4. Black Hops at Brewsvegas 2017

    Brewsvegas is a grass roots, community minded celebration of Brisbane’s burgeoning craft beer culture. Here’s the lowdown on which events Black Hops will be hosting or involved with during Brewsvegas 2017, from 10 – 19 March.

  5. Don’t ask for craft: how you can drive beer choice at your local

    Those of us who love quality beer can often be limited for choice when it comes to drinking our favourites when we’re out. So how can you, as a beer loving consumer, influence what type of beer gets served at your local? Well one way is by not asking for ‘craft beer’ at all!

  6. How to make sure you are drinking fresh beer

    More often than not, the answer to drinking good beer, is drinking fresh beer. So in this blog post we discuss the 4 main factors that can cause good beer to go bad. We also give you a few pointers on what you can do to make sure the beer you buy tastes like it’s meant to.

  7. Craft beer bullshit: Impress your mates with these top 10 jargon terms

    Craft beer lingo can be a bit of a mystery for those not part of the scene. So Black Hops head brewer Govs has put together a top ten list of craft beer jargon, to help you know your dank from your lacing.

  8. Eddie’s dad’s home beer tap system will make you re-evaluate your life’s priorities

    We all know, every man’s dream is to have cold fresh beer on tap in the comfort of his castle. Well some of us dream and some of us do. That’s what we love about Eddie’s dad Martin, he’s a doer. In this post, he takes us through his extremely boss system for drinking black hops beer on tap at home.

  9. Xmas beer comp: Brew Eggnog Stout or Assault Trifle better than us and win cool shit (recipes included)

    With Xmas only 5 weeks away we got thinking, let’s share our 2 most Christmassy recipes and put out a bit of a challenge.

    Have a crack at brewing these 2 beers, send us a bottle and win some sweet prizes.

  10. Craft beer prices: how much does beer cost to make?

    We often get asked how much it costs to brew our beer, so in this post we go into all of the costs associated with making one of our most popular craft beers, Beach House.