Investor Expression of Interest

If you’d like to register your expression of interest in further investment in Black Hops, please complete the form below.

Please let us know if you are proposing an equity investment, a short term loan to Black Hops, or a Convertible Note.
And in the comments let us know if this is your total investment, or in addition to a previous EOI.

Convertible Note Details:
– Minimum 12 months
– Can’t be lodged with ASIC until 4 weeks post a successful DoCA

Loan Details:
– 15% per annum 
– Minimum 9 months term
– Interest and Principal paid at the end of the loan

Expression of Interest 2024

Equity / Loan (15%) / Convertible Note
Investment Amount – Input the amount in dollars that you would like to invest. Shares are valued at $0.529 each.


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