Black Hops 2021 Limited Releases

Since we started, we’ve always had a pretty active limited release beer program. We average around 1 new beer per week released at the taprooms, but from 2019 onwards we started doing a major release regularly that goes out to bars and bottle shops as well. In 2019 and 2020 we did one release per month, see these wrap up posts:

2019 Limited Release Wrap Up

2020 Limited Release Wrap Up

This year we decided to do a beer every 2 months instead of every month because as our distribution widens a month really isn’t long enough to make an impact and move the stock before the next beer comes through. So for this year, we released 6 major new releases. 3 were re-releases of previous major limited releases from prior years. 1 was a major release of a previous taproom release beer and 2 were brand new beers. Here’s the list

January – California Love 7.2% West Coast IPA

You can’t go wrong with a solid West Coast in summer, so our first release was a re-run of the ever popular California Love. This year we moved away from the strip label and came out with a brand new design. The beer recipe stayed the same.

In the current sea of sweet hazy’s, Cali Love calls back to the style that pioneered the craft beer boom. Bursting with aromas of citrus fruits and pine, Cali Love offers a full malt body, dry finish and firm bitterness to allow the classic West Coast hop flavours to take centre stage.

March – Super G.O.A.T. – Double Hazy IPA

In March we released our first big batch and full branded version of a popular taproom beer from 2020, Super G.O.A.T.. The grown up G.O.A.T. was a super popular release.

The only thing greater than the greatest.

May – Caribbean Haze – Fruit & Rum-Soaked Hazy IIPA

In May to coincide with the GABS festival we brought back our 2019 GABS beer Caribbean Haze. The recipe was tweaked slightly this year and the can design changed because we moved from a label to a fully printed can.

This is always a popular beer and even made it into last year’s GABS Hottest 100 (this year’s voting is open, vote here!).

Caribbean Haze was originally brewed for the 2019 Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (GABS). This Caribbean-inspired Hazy Double American IPA is infused with citrus, pineapple, mango, coconut and Capricorn Distilling Co Spiced Rum, to give this already aromatic style a fresh Caribbean twist.

July – Neverland Grapefruit Hazy IIPA

Our only staff beer to make the 2021 release schedule and the GABS Hottest 100, we brought back Neverland our Grapefruit Hazy IIPA.

A surprisingly easy to drink hazy double IPA with a refreshing citrus twist, the smooth pale malted barley and rolled oat body helps to carry the alcohol warmth which is complemented by a fresh squeeze of tangy grapefruit bitterness. Citra, Amarillo, Cashmere and Idaho-7 hops combine to deliver a bright bouquet of juicy citrus and tropical fruits.

September – Hop Swap Hazy IPA

In September we wanted to bring something new to the table, so we got together with NZ’s Behemoth Brewing on a Hazy IPA collab. We originally intended to call it Boss Swap and the plan was for Govs to head to NZ and Andrew from Behemoth to come over here and take the reins. But…..Covid. so we made a last minute change to Hop Swap, organised some swappage and both brewed the beer at our locations. The beer went down very well, maybe our most popular limited release of the year.

They say that sharing is caring, so when we stumbled across the exciting new Aussie hop variety ‘Eclipse’, we got straight on the blower to our cuzzies at Chur Brewing NZ to see if they would like to play a game of Hop Swap. Firing back with a new experimental hop called ‘NZ107’ we had ourselves a good old fashioned Trans-Tasman collaboration idea. Boasting intense tropical fruit and citrus aromas with a smooth hazy body, this IPA was crafted out of a friendship that transcends the body of water that divides our two breweries. Cheers! (Chur!)

November – Afterburner Red IPA

To finalise the year we wanted to bring in something other than a Hazy or Non Hazi standard IPA so we brought out a brand new beer, a Red IPA called Afterburner. Deciding on limited releases is pretty tricky because it’s a lot of work to do a new beer, and if it’s not a hazy IPA it’s always a bit harder to sell. But we wanted something new for November and it’s been very popular.

Our last limited release of the year is loaded with brand new Lupomax hops creating billowing cascades of hop aroma. With kola, caramel and toffee malt sweetness acting as the perfect wingman to the citrus and pine hop characters, this Red IPA ties together with a persuasive; but not aggressive, bitterness. That’s right Iceman, I’m dangerous.

2022 Limited Releases

We’re still not 100% sure what we’ll be bringing out in 2022 but the goal is stick with the one release every 2 months and a combination of new and re-releases.

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  1. The Afterburner was the best beer you’ve ever made!

    Get rid of the sour’s and keep making delicious, malty, hoppy bombs!

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