OPERATION BREWERY EP1 – Listen to us attempt to raise money to build a brewery

Dan Norris Podcast

This week we are stoked to announce the release of our new podcast, Operation Brewery. The show will be a 10 part series that takes you into our world as we work on opening the Black Hops Brewery and Cellar Door on the Gold Coast, Australia. In episode 1 we take you inside our investor meetings as we start the process …

How to brew all grain beer at a non all grain brewery

Dan Norris Craft beer

In our last post, I mentioned the 4 events we’ll be sending beer to (and attending) at Brewsvegas. We committed to all of these events a while ago but we still had one problem to solve. We don’t have a brewery.

In this post I’ll run through how we ended up brewing 4 all grain brews at a non all grain brewery.

How to brew a stout

Dan Norris Craft beer

It has been 2 months since we brewed our first commercially available beer; the Eggnog Stout and we are pumped with how it has been received.

We’ve had a number of people ask us for more info on the process, so I thought I would go in to more detail in this post about how to brew a stout.