Everything you need to start a craft brewery on a budget

Everything you need to start a craft brewery on a budget

“Great resource and super inspirational!” Nathan Pierce from MicroBrewr

"Loved it and was laughing out loud reading it." James Graham from The Crafty Pint

“The boys have done an amazing job. This is a great story and a complete guide to starting your own craft brewery.” Stuart McVicar 

"If you're looking to open a brewery, read Operation Brewery first!" Nat Burcher

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Hi, we're Dan, Eddie and Govs

In July of 2014, we sat at a bar talking about brewing a homebrew beer, an Eggnog Stout. 2 years later, we'd opened our own brewery on the Gold Coast in Australia called Black Hops.

It’s been an epic journey, from the infamous “little situation” in China, to a collaboration with Call of Duty, the biggest entertainment franchise on earth, and finally - launching a brewery.

We've shared every story and lesson learned along the way in the Operation Brewery book. The book tells our story but also gives you everything we can think


What you'll learn

  • How to build a brand and market your brewery online.
  • How to build relationships in the craft beer community and sell beer.
  • The things to consider in choosing the ideal location for your brewery.
  • The steps needed to get approvals for setting up a brewery.
  • Everything you need to brew your first commercial batch.
  • How to experiment with recipes and arrive at a core range of beers.
  • How to source brewing equipment on a budget from China.
  • Our biggest mistakes in the project and how to avoid them.

Who should read this book?

Aspiring brewers

If you are looking to open a brewery, this is the most up to date and comprehensive book available on the topic.

Home Brewers

We go down to the detail of how to build a pilot system and how to make the leap into your first commercial brew.


Operation Brewery covers all the key topics to launching a business from brand building, online marketing and finance.

Industry people

If you are in the beer industry, you will love our story of 3 guys getting shit done. If you know us, you might even be in the book!

Free resources

As part of the book we've included a bunch of free downloads and resources to help with various aspects of implementing the ideas.

  • Eggnog Stout brewing recipe
  • Photoshop templates for tap decals
  • Slide deck for investor presentation
  • 10-week Trello board to help plan a crowdfunding campaign
  • Equipment list with prices
  • Full photo library with images of all equipment

Where applicable, these are provided as files you can copy and adapt for your business.

Grab the book

Operation Brewery is available direct from our store, or via Amazon or Audible and can be purchased as a hardcopy, ebook or audiobook.