Bright Friday – From our Bright Tank to you, let’s enjoy a beer together this Friday (Brisbane & Gold Coast only)

Bright Friday Sabro IPA is Live!


Here’s the idea. There’s too much bad news this week, so we’re trying to brighten things up today (Friday 27 March) in the only way we know how (with beer). We have a new Black Hops Recon Series release, Sabro IPA being sent from the Bright Tank into cans today. We plan on delivering it out to people on the Gold Coast and Brisbane via our new Supply Drop service. From bright tank direct to you on the same day!

Then on Friday night at 7pm Gold Coast time, we’re going to do a live call with a tasting from Govs, and a Q&A with the Black Hops founders. Even if you don’t buy the beer, you can still jump on the Q&A (here’s the link). If you like, you can pre-ask questions via this thread.

The beer will be released exclusively in 4 packs on Friday morning via our Supply Drop Gold Coast same day beer delivery service, but we will make the exception and include Brisbane in Friday’s run (only if you order Sabro IPA).


Here are our coverage maps for today:

Brisbane Bright Friday Coverage Map
Gold Coast Coverage (normal Supply Drop Coverage)

Sabro IPA is a 6.8% modern American IPA featuring our first use of the US hop Sabro. With a complex fruit and citrus aroma, our obscene dry hop addition of Sabro imparts distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical and stone fruit aromas. Golden in colour with slight haze and a firm bitterness on the finish, Sabro IPA is a piña colada in a beer glass.

It will be limited to 1 4 pack per person and there’s a limit to how many we can get out as follows:

  1. 40 4 packs on the Gold Coast
  2. 20 4 packs in Brisbane

However if you would rather pick the beer up from the brewery, we will have it available via takeaway at both sites from lunchtime.


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