Supply Drop Gold Coast & Brisbane Fresh Beer Delivery Service

**Android and iPhone apps now available – Android | Apple**

Supply Drop is our solution for getting fresh Black Hops beer direct from the brewery to your home on the day of ordering. It operates Wednesday to Saturday 1pm – 6pm. You can buy singles, 4 packs or cases and we charge a fixed $5 delivery fee. You can choose from a selection of Black Hops’ Core Range (including Pale Ale, Lay Day and Hornet) as well as a revolving selection of limited edition beers such as Code Red. These other beers will be rotated regularly.

How it works

Each day we have a certain amount of drops available in our Gold Coast and Brisbane Drop Zones. When you visit the Supply Drop site or open the Supply Drop mobile app, you are asked for your post code (Brisbane and Gold Coast only), and it will list how many drops are remaining for your delivery zone. If there are drops left for the day, you can make your order and you’ll get your beer on the same day.

We do it this way so as to not overload the drivers and make sure we can offer a great service for everyone who gets their orders in. The downside is however that if you don’t get your orders in early in the week or early in the day before they run out, you may miss out. The remaining drops will always be shown on the page when you go to order, so you will always know if there are spots left and how many. 

If you miss out on the run for the day, we will re-open Supply Drop at 6pm to take orders for the following day. Or if it’s a Saturday when we re-open orders at 6pm you can order any time between then and Wednesday when we are back up and running and you will get your order on Wednesday.

We deliver in a corridor from Tugun on the south of the Gold Coast to Bracken Ridge in the north of Brisbane.

Here are the specific drop zones.

Brisbane North Drop Zone

Brisbane North Drop Zone

Brisbane South Drop Zone

Brisbane South Drop Zone

Gold Coast North Drop Zone

Gold Coast North Supply Drop Zone

Gold Coast South Drop Zone

Gold Coast South Drop Zone

How to order

To order, download the Supply Drop app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Alternatively visit on your computer or phone. Simply choose your beer and pack size (single, 4 pack or carton) via the simple, mobile friendly one page ordering screen. Your beer order will then be delivered fresh and safe to your door on the same day.


So far customers are loving the service:

The Supply Drop site worked perfectly and the order arrived nice and cold this afternoon“. Ian Gay.

Supply drop was dope! Would use again for sure! Luke Stay

How good is it! I had mine arrive perfectly timed as I got home from work. Kristen Curtin

Other ordering options

The Black Hops Supply Drop adds another option to access fresh Black Hops beer safely and responsibly while the Taprooms remain closed for onsite consumption. Here are your options for keeping Black Hops beer flowing at home: