Goldtoast Supper Club – Aussie Pale Ale

A few weeks ago we were approached by our friends at the Goldtoast Supper Club to produce a beer for their upcoming “Colonial Australia” themed dinner party. It was going to be a tight squeeze to fit it in, but we also didn’t want to let them down.

For those who don’t know much about the Supper Club, I’ll let them explain.

“Goldtoast Supper Club is a unique dining experience, not only about the food but the company and a cheeky bit of adventure. From New York, to London, to Cuba, these secret supper clubs and guestaurants offer an alternative dining experience for those looking for something new, fun and exciting! Goldtoast Supper Club is a small popup restaurant with a much more casual attitude, located on the Gold Coast Queensland, with roving premises. Each location is a tightly-wrapped secret and is only revealed after a ticket is purchased.”

To us, producing a beer for their next event sounded like a perfect match. Given the theme and the varied audience it will be consumed by, it was obvious it had to be an all Aussie affair.  It would have Aussie Malt, Aussie Wheat & of course Aussie Hops, Pride of Ringwood, Ella & Enigma to be exact.

We knocked up some labels in preparation for bottling in a few weeks, while we wait for the yeast to do it’s thing.


If anyone thinks this event sounds as awesome as we do, you can purchase tickets direct from the GTSC website, It’s happening on 27 September.

We will be there and hope you will too!


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