Home Guard – Black Hops Beer Club

Home Guard will be back in February 2022

Home Guard is an exclusive beer club for lovers of fresh and limited release Black Hops Beers. You pay $45 per month and get a box delivered every 2 months. 

It opens for membership every 2 months and will be back in February 2022. Join the email list below to be the first to be notified. 

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How it works

Every 2 months when we produce a Black Hops limited release, we will send you your Home Guard carton including the following.

Note, the images below are an example only. The box changes each delivery.  

2X 4 Packs of the Limited Release


You will get 2 of the freshest 4 packs of the limited release, packed and sent on launch day. 

1X Fresh Core Range 4 Pack


We will raid the canning line for a 4 pack of the freshest core range beer packed in that delivery week. 

1X Mixed Recon 4 Pack


We will also add in a mixed 4 pack of 4 small batch beers, that we generally wouldn't sell online or in stores. 

Exclusive Home Guard Sticker


For each limited release, we will put together an exclusive collectable sticker with the Home Guard chevron. 


Here are some unedited comments from some of the first group of Home Guard members. These were taken with permission from the Black Hops Ambassadors Facebook Group.  

Afterburner is a cracker! Let’s not forget about the G.O.A.T., 7 days since packaging and in our hands, plus the Nelson, Tropo, AWOL & Code Red (my fave BH beer and still gets my vote for core)!

Sam Smart



What an awesome selection! Great start to the ‘Guard


Madelaine Claire



Who is Home Guard for?

Home Guard is for Black Hops drinkers who value the freshest possible beer and who might find it hard to get some of our small releases. If you live local to the taprooms, you are free to join but in a lot of cases you can get these beers at the taprooms. If you are in Australia but aren't close to Brisbane or the Gold Coast, then Home Guard is for you. 

Welcome pack

Every Home Guard member receives a welcome pack consisting of an exclusive Home Guard Craft Beer glass and exclusive Home Guard shirt. The perfect gift that money can't buy (unless you consider the signup fee to be money). 


But... I want more

We feel ya. How about this. We have a little email list here at Black Hops called the 'Black Hops Insiders'. Any time we put beer for sale online, we email this list first. Sometimes beers don't make it to the public. As a Home Guard member, we'll add you to this list. 

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.