Gift Cards and Membership Purchase and Check Balance

Black Hops has a range of options for Gift Cards and membership programs.

How to purchase gift cards or memberships

Our 3 programs are:

  1. Online Store Electronic Gift Cards – Use this product to buy someone a gift card for use on our online store. You can purchase Online Store Electronic cards here.
  2. Black Hops Taproom Gift Card – Use this product to purchase a card that you can load up with money for someone to spend at either of the Black Hops Taprooms. You can purchase Taproom Gift Cards here.
  3. Black Hops Taproom Membership – Membership allows you to earn points when you spend money at the Black Hops taprooms and exchange them for a beer. You can sign up directly at the taprooms.

How to check your points balance

This is how to check your balance in our 3 programs:

  1. To check the balance of an Online Store Electronic Gift Card, click here.
  2. To check the balance of a Taproom Gift Card, click here or ask a Beertender at one of our Taprooms.
  3. To check how many membership points you have, you can asking the Beertender at one of our Taprooms. Or when you join you will be sent an SMS message with a link to check your member points status. If you have lost it, the Beertenders can re-send it at any time.


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