Press Release: Black Hops Announces Launch Of Equity Crowdfunding II.

Gold Coast: January 2022

Gold Coast craft brewery Black Hops have announced their second Equity Crowdfunding campaign set to launch on January 25th. 

This investment round will help fund the large expansion currently underway at their main production brewery; BHII, and the possibility of opening a distillery if the high end of the scale is reached. The campaign will be open to all current and new investors and will once again be running on the Birchal platform, which led to great success during the first equity crowdfunding round which was launched in December 2018.

Equity Crowdfunding round 1 saw the local brewery raise $400,000 in a record time of 6 days on the platform from over 500 investors. Black Hops are setting their sights higher this time with a minimum target of $500,000 and a maximum target of $2,200,000.

Black Hops, and the 3 ‘mates’ behind it are well known for their open and honest approach to starting a brewery and have shared every detail along the way including writing a book Operation Brewery, blog posts and podcasts.

Having regular interaction with the investors, known as the ‘Alpha Team’ is important to Eddie, Govs and myself as we would not have been able to grow the way we have without their support. We do our best to include them in as much as possible along the way including a team brew day every year, exclusive access and the opportunity to have input via surveys and open communication.” – Dan Norris, CEO and Founder

The EOI is now open in preparation for next weeks launch, jump over to the Birchal website to learn more.

For media enquiries please contact Dan Norris – Black Hops Co-Founder
0493 376 534 or email


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