Birthday Beers Mixed 4 Pack


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Mixed 4 Pack of Birthday Beers – 4x 440ml Cans

Zappy Birthday – 6.2% Counter-Culture IPA
IPA’s are the original counter-culture of craft beer and what better way to pay tribute, than with Zappa hops – a native, North American variety, recovered from the wild in New Mexico. Named after Frank Zappa, in collaboration with the Zappa family, this hop is as counter-culture as the musician himself. Spicy with strong notes of tropical mango and passionfruit, citrus & pine. The perfect complement to any IPA.

Vermonster – 8% Nitro Sundae NEIPA
Based on the Vermont Style Hazy IPA and to celebrate Black Hops HQ taproom’s 4th birthday, we have brought together some of our favourites; big juicy hops and creamy malts, served on nitro for your enjoyment. For the ultimate Sundae experience, pour vigorously into a glass. Cheers for the beers and here’s to many more years!

Black Forest – 7% Birthday Cake Stout
Did someone say cake?! Inspired by it’s German pastry and brewing origins, boasting sweet chocolate malts with a rich cherry filling and a velvet smooth mouthfeel, this is the birthday beer to satisfy your cravings.

Murder Hornet – 9.2% Black Imperial Hornet IPA
Pouring opaque and black with a deep dark head of foam, like a predator sneaking up on its prey; it stings you with 100 IBU of hop bitterness that explodes in a sensation of multi-layered aromatics, challenging even the most seasoned beer hunter. Intense pine and resinous hops fight to restrain the alcohol heat, swarming your senses with rich roasted coffee and dark cocoa. Finally, yearning for the kill, it finishes you with a colossal bitter linger, leading you back to the brood… for the swarm!


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