Black Hops Reserves Fresh Wort Kit – Send It 4.2% Session Ale


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With the Black Hops Reserves Send It Fresh Wort Kit you can brew your favourite Black Hops Session Ale on your home brew equipment.

What’s included

The wort comes from a dedicated Send It batch brewed at BHII for the Black Hops Reserves Fresh Wort Kits. The kit also includes a dry yeast sachet and the dry hops required to make our recipe.

Delivery choice

Please choose either Pickup from HQ, Pickup from BHII or delivery (in the zone) when you order. You can’t change this after the order.

Delivery from Northern NSW to Sunshine Coast Delivery

Our delivery runs happen from Tuesday to Friday from Northern NSW to Sunshine Coast.

Coverage Map For Deliveries

Our preference is for you to pick up Black Hops Reserves from BHII or HQ. However if you can’t make it in, we can add it to our normal delivery runs for a delivery fee. We deliver to the following territories from Tuesday to Thursday each week. Please only choose this option if you are likely to be home from 11-5pm.

Sunshine Coast Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Brisbane Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Gold Coast Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Northern NSW Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Brew at home instructions

  1. Take a clean, sanitised fermenter and decant your fresh wort into it (you do not need to add top up water).
  2. Pitch US-05 yeast sachet and immediately seal up fermenter.
  3. Attach air-lock or similar.
  4. Ferment at 18°C for 7 days then add dry-hop packet (ensuring to minimise the introduction of air) and increase temperature to 22°C.
  5. Once fermentation is complete (approx 10-14 days), crash cool to clarify then carbonate & package.
  6. Enjoy responsibly.


Join the BH Ambassadors Group for any support from the Black Hops crew.

Black Hops Reserves 2020 Brew at Home Competition

We are running a Black Hops Reserves competition throughout 2020 working up to our first Reserves AGM and Grand Champion announcement. for more information check out the Black Hops Reserves blog post here.

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