Eggnog Stout Keg – 5.8% (Black Hops Home Guard)


Eggnog Stout  – 5.8% Infused Stout


Keg Deposit – Please note to have Black Hops Kegs at home, you need to pay a one off deposit for the keg which you will get back when you no longer want to be part of the kegs at home program. If you have not previously placed a deposit for a keg, please add this product to your purchase

Tap System – You must have the ability to pour kegs with an A type coupler at home, along with tap and gas setup. We usually sell these kegs to venues who move through beer quickly. 50L is the equivalent of about 130 cans (375ml), please keep in mind that it is best to consume within a month from tapping. If you don’t have your own system, check out Black Hops Home Guard

Beer description:

A dry Irish Stout with subtle notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla bean and brandy. It showcases a mild bitterness through the use of roasted barley and a generous late hop addition. Our first commercial release and a beer that is close to our heart.

Delivery coverage maps

These kegs are delivered via our normal wholesale beer delivery service Tuesday to Friday 10am till 6pm. You will have to be home to receipt delivery. If you can’t be home, please contact us to arrange something else.

Sunshine Coast Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Brisbane Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Gold Coast Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

Northern NSW Black Hops Reserves Delivery Zone

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