Fire & Ice (Cream)



Raspberry & Lemon Bombe Alaska IPA  • ABV: 7% • Limited

Our 2022 GABS beer takes elements from a little known igloo shaped dessert and brings cake, ice cream and beer into one. The Bombe Alaska’s history is folklore, its country of origin is up for debate, but its spectacle is not. Fruit filled ice cream and sponge cake is covered by a pillowy lemon meringue and set alight for dramatic effect. Fire and Ice Cream combines oats, wheat, honey malt, vanilla and lactose to bring a soft sweet mouthfeel, with a large addition of raspberry and lemon for the fruit flavours. This Hazy Ice Cream IPA’s citrus-filled aroma is lifted thanks to a generous dry hop addition of Motueka, Citra and Sorachi Ace.


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