Galactic Symphony

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Hazy IPA • ABV: 7% • Limited

A hazy recollection of a close encounter with another kindred spirit deep in the night. Bass and treble mix to excite the senses. No words are spoken, the sound of a thousand light years fills the void. The universal language of music connects us all through time and space.


In early 2022 Black Hops Co-founder Dan was randomly reading a magazine when he stumbled across an article about a lightsail. Lightsails are a proposed method of spacecraft propulsion using radiation pressure exerted by sunlight on large mirrors. But more importantly the image looked extremely cool. He messaged our designer Dave and asked if he could come up with a concept for a design based around the lightsail and the lights shooting across the sky during a Space X launch called Cosmic Symphony or Galactic Symphony.

The founders brainstormed beer ideas and decided on a version of our previously-released Troposphere beer which featured Galaxy and Strata hops, but this time we’d do a hazy version and include our latest favourite hop Eclipse. The idea was a symphony of astrology-themed hops but the designer Dave took it one step further gaining inspiration from the theme some from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to come up with a really fun looking can.


Border Pale, Maris Otter Pale, Wheat, Rolled Oats, Crystal Medium

Eclipse, Strata, Galaxy


Big tropical fruit explosion. Passionfruit, pineapple and melon with some sticky stone fruit.

Goes well with:
Seafood dishes; fish tacos, ceviche


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