Cider – 4.8% Ginger & Apple


Apple and Ginger Cider • ABV: 4.5% • Extended Core Range

This apple-based cider with a hearty ginger addition, is the Black Hops go-to for the non beer drinker. This easy drinker is the perfect palate cleanser or summer-time refresher.


When we started out, our taproom only served beer and we’d often get asked for an alternative. The 2 most common requests were a ginger beer or a cider. In our wisdom and for maximum efficiency we decided to combine the two and make a ginger cider. Taking elements of both ginger beer and apple cider and bringing them together, Ginger Cider became a fan favourite at the taprooms and even made its way out into bars and bottle shops. We figured out that for the right crowd Ginger Cider will outsell a lot of our beers and is the go-to for many customers.


Sweet, ginger & apple

Goes well with:
Mussels, Cured meats, fresh fruit, stinky cheese


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Cider – 4.8% Ginger & Apple