Hornet – 6.0% India Pale Ale


India Pale Ale • ABV: 6% • Core Range

Dry, angry and bitter, Hornet has some serious sting with a balancing aroma of stone and citrus fruits. This modern IPA drinks with a subtle sweetness and a sturdy presence of hop bitterness.


In the early days we didn’t have a core range IPA and instead we did seasonal IPAs; Hornet in Summer, a white IPA called Flash Bang in Spring, a Black IPA called ABC Bomb in winter and a Red IPA, Code Red in Autumn. While we enjoyed the idea of beers to match with the season, a brewery called Black Hops, simply couldn’t exist without a core range IPA. We elevated Hornet into the core range as our second beer into cans and alongside Pale Ale, it became a fan favourite and second biggest seller.



Border Pale, Wheat, Caramel Pils,
Crystal Light, Caramel Munich.

Dr Rudi, Cascade, Citra, Idaho 7


Full bodied, finishing with
a nice hop bitterness.

Goes well with:
Strong spicy food; chicken, curries


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Hornet – 6.0% India Pale Ale