Waltzing Matilda 4pk


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Waltzing Matilda • ABV: 4.2% • Limited

Straight outta Darwin, Black Hops’ distro and sales admin legend Erin brings her love of all things Aussie and beer to her 1 year anniversary release. Don’t let her small frame fool you, Erin’s infectious laugh can be heard thundering through the warehouse at BHII bringing joy to everyone in her vicinity. For her staff beer Erin brought her trademark enthusiasm to this weird and wonderful brew, bringing inspiration from her daughter Tilly, her questionable taste in tattoos and her unwavering love for all things Aussie, this green ant and passionfruit sour features a light sour base, a healthy dose of passionfruit and a splash of Seven Seas Green Ant Gin. Putting the tune in Goon of Fortune, Waltzing Matilda is best consumed from a shoe near a slightly open bin.


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