Recon Roundup: The next 6 beers from our pilot system

Recon Series is the name we’ve given to our limited run beers from our pilot system at Black Hops. You can learn all about it here. In this post we’ll run through the current and upcoming Recon Series beers.

All of these will be available on tap at the Taproom now or in the next few weeks. Most are available for takeaway in squealers and growlers (just not the nitro ones), and some may even find their way into limited run cans.

Negroni IPA (sold out)

An IPA inspired by the Negroni cocktail “Married with Juniper Berries, French Oak and citrus zest during its brew, this IPA was inspired by and formed like a well made Negroni would with a clean, Crisp and well balanced finish. Tapped at Brewsvegas this is the latest member from our PIlot System.”

Coffee Sour Ale

Brewed in collaboration with our mates at Flutterbucks Pizza in Tyalgum NSW, using their freshly roasted Double Or Nothing Coffee. Taking a bold new approach to coffee beers, we have matched the light fruity notes of the coffee with a sour beer base to take your senses on a wild journey of aromas and flavours. Delicately sour with beautiful coffee aromas, this beer will keep you guessing.

Mulberry lager (*Last Night on Earth)

To celebrate the launch of Last Night on Earth in SoPo, we have brewed an exciting new Aussie themed beer. Using mulberries and mountain pepper, a native Australian spice, this dark lager boasts a balance of flavours between the berries and the pepper. Dark in colour, but light in body to be super refreshing.

Maple Cherry Ale

Brewed for House Of Brews in Surfers Paradise, the official venue for the Canadian Commonwealth Games team, this boisterous Québécois inspired ale has been infused with a mix of sweet black cherries, vanilla, maple and orange and balanced with a warming alcohol finish.

Pineapple Saison

When asked by our mates at Tipplers Tap to brew a Pineapple Saison, the answer was simple. Yes! A refreshing modern twist on a classic Belgian style – guaranteed to satisfy. Brewed with pale malted barley, wheat and infused with fresh pineapples.

Chair Force One

As head of the Black Hops Chair Force, Dan’s job is to sit in his air-conditioned office drinking coffee, and pass judgement on the peasants working below him. He had no involvement in this beer other than to write the description (much like everything at Black Hops). But apparently it’s a chocolate coffee stout, perfect for arvo office drinks.

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