Supply Drop is Changing

Cheers to everyone who got behind our local delivery app Supply Drop which launched in the first week of the COVID-19 shut downs. It’s been truly epic to still get beer out to people during the last few months and do it in a fun way using our existing team and delivering beers that would previously have only been available at the taproom.

With venues re-opening, we are now shifting the crew back into their existing roles and as a result we are winding up Supply Drop as you know it. We will no longer be doing daily deliveries Wednesday to Saturday, as we go back to distributing our beers through our traditional partners. However the app isn’t shutting down completely.

The thing we’ve loved the most about Supply Drop is the ability to get some of our small batch releases out to people who couldn’t easily get into the taprooms. This is something we plan on continuing so from now on, Supply Drop will be an occasional service. When we have a taproom release that we have enough of to offer it a bit more widely, we will turn on Supply Drop and allow people to order it via the app. That means people in the wider Gold Coast area and Brisbane, will be able to get some of our brewery-direct releases that we previously only sold at the taprooms.

So if you have the app, please keep it on your phone and when we have a new release available, we’ll let you know.

And of course our normal online store, Australia-wide delivery is still available.

Thanks again for supporting us over the last few months.


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