OPERATION BREWERY S03E01 – Our Equipment Setup at Black Hops II

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It’s been 2 years but our podcast on our journey building a brewery business is back for a 3rd season! Season 1 was about how we were going about building our first brewery, Season 2 focused on our efforts around quality and submitting to the AIBA Beer Awards. This Season is all about growth. Co-founder Dan is hosting the season …

Our equipment setup for Black Hops Brewery II: Part 1

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Recently on the blog we posted an update on how the new Black Hops brewery is progressing. We briefly discussed some of the new brewing equipment required to meet our up-scaled production targets. But that was only scratching the surface. So in this 2-part post we’ll dig into our specific equipment we are running with for BHII. In this post …

Chinese commercial brewing equipment, six months on

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Three months ago we opened the doors to Black Hops after a solid 12 months of planning and setup. Since our first brew on 18 June we’ve been brewing regularly on our commercial brewing equipment sourced from China. We cover the story of our startup and the equipment at great lengths in our upcoming book, Operation Brewery. That book is about …

OPERATION BREWERY EP8 – How much does it cost to build a brewery (part 2 of 2)

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In our last episode, we covered our plans to raise money via crowdfunding for our brewery. This episode, after a successful campaign raising $17,800 we regroup and discuss all of the other financial considerations for building a brewery. We go down into fine detail of how much it’s costing, how much we’ve spent so far and where to from here.

OPERATION BREWERY EP2 – We have ordered our brewery equipment! This is how it went down

Dan Norris Podcast

Our podcast Operation Brewery documents us going from home brew to brewery in 2015. If you missed episode 1, check it out here and listen in as we raise the funds required to build our Gold Coast brewery. In episode 2, we talk equipment. Mentions TianTai 4 Hearts Cavalier Brew-tek Coda Brewing Bionic Brew