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  1. How to brew a stout

    It has been 2 months since we brewed our first commercially available beer; the Eggnog Stout and we are pumped with how it has been received.

    We’ve had a number of people ask us for more info on the process, so I thought I would go in to more detail in this post about how to brew a stout.

  2. How to make craft beer tap decals and keg collars on the cheap

    Brewing beer isn’t all glamourous. There’s another side of getting your beer into bars that needs to be considered and that’s cutting out lots of circles.

    In this post, we run through how to make great looking tap decals and keg collars on a shoestring budget.

  3. How to make commercial beer (our first batch of Eggnog stout)

    In this post we run through the detailed process of how we have made our first commercial beer.

    We cover everything from yeast prep, to milling the grain, all the way through to kegging and choosing our launch venue.

  4. Black Hops launch – Sunday 2 November Hoo Ha Bar Brisbane

    We are excited to announce our launch this coming Sunday 2 November 2014 at Hoo Ha Bar in Southbank.

    Our first beer the Eggnog stout is ready to go and will be pouring alongside 3 other local brewers from 3pm.

  5. Shit’s getting real – We’re brewing the Eggnog Stout in October

    A few months ago over a beer (or 2), Eddie, Govs and I (Dan) decided to make our own Eggnog Stout. We made the beer, and 6 other beers as small pilot brews as we worked towards doing a commercial batch.

    Today we are happy to announce that it’s happening! Here are all the details.

  6. Goldtoast Supper Club – Aussie Pale Ale

    A few weeks ago we were approached by our friends at the Goldtoast Supper Club to produce a beer for their upcoming “Colonial Australia” themed dinner party.

    It was going to be a tight squeeze to fit it in, but we will be there with the Goldtoast Pale.

  7. Beer #1 – Eggnog Stout

    In this post we run through our process for making our first beer, the Eggnog Stout.

  8. How to get branded beer shirts and caps

    While working on securing our brewery arrangement, we progressed with the merch side of things. With the labels and stickers sorted, we’ve moved onto shirts and caps. All of the detail is discussed in this post.

  9. How to print low volume beer labels

    In this post we run through how to print low volume beer labels locally on the Gold Coast for a reasonable price. We also give away our template for you to use yourself.

  10. WTF is Black Hops Brewing?

    This post runs through who we are and what we are planning at Black Hops Brewing.