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How it works (Starting May 2024)

  • Every 3 months when we produce a Black Hops Major limited release, we will send you your Home Guard carton including the following:
  1. 2 x 4pks Major Limited Release
  2. 2 x 4pks Black Hops Core Range
  3. 1x HG Limited Edition Sticker
  • Home Guard Membership perks include:
  1. 15% Off Discount Code for the Black Hops Online Store
  2. Home Guard Delivery a week prior to the national launch date of the major limited release
  3. Pre-Sale Access to all new releases on the Black Hops Online Store

Who is Home Guard for?

  • Home Guard is for Black Hops drinkers who value the freshest possible beer. If you live local to the taprooms, you are free to join but in a lot of cases you can get these beers at the taprooms. If you are in Australia but aren’t close to Brisbane or the Gold Coast, then Home Guard is for you.

Welcome pack

  • Every Home Guard member receives a welcome pack consisting of an exclusive Home Guard Craft Beer glass and exclusive Home Guard shirt.

Note, the images below are an example only. The box changes each delivery. 

2x Limited Release 4 Packs

You will get 2 of the freshest 4 packs of the limited release, packed and sent a week before launch day.

2x Fresh Core Range 4 Pack

We will raid the canning line for two 4 packs of the freshest core range beers packed near delivery week.

15% Off On Black Hops Online Store

Each Home Guard Newsletter will come with a unique discount code that grants a 15% Off discount the Black Hops Online Store.

Early Access To New Releases

You will be granted early access to all new releases that land on our online store. This includes our Recon Series, Birthday Beers and Major Limited Releases.


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