Want to stock Black Hops?

If you are interested in stocking our beer, please contact our office or your local rep.

Chair Force
Our Chair Force is staffed Monday to Friday 9-5pm. Feel free to call us or message us on 0435 830 466 or email us at sales@blackhops.com.au

Kris Railton (Railo)
On Premise Venues – South Brisbane to Northern NSW.
railo@blackhops.com.au or call on 0401 006 578

Niall McCorry
On Premise Venues – North of Brisbane River to Sunshine Coast.
niall@blackhops.com.au or call on 0413 348 546

Jes Waybrant
Bottleshops and Retail Stores – Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW
jes@blackhops.com.au or call on 0422 203 233

Darren Kearns (Kearnsy)
Key Accounts and Interstate customers.
kearnsy@blackhops.com.au or call on 0412 666 295

More contact details on our contact page.