Black Hops Initiatives For Safe Work Month 2023

National Safe Work Month is an initiative aimed at facilitating safe and healthy workplaces that are free from physical and psychological harm for all employees. Black Hops recognises that our ability to prosper and grow depends on the wellbeing of our workers. So for the month of October we rolled out a series of weekly programs to help support and educate employees on maintaining their utmost level of physical and mental health in the workplace.

We partnered with a number of organisations to deliver face-to-face sessions within the workplace including; Physio Next Door, Get Mentally Fit, Mental Health First Aid Australia, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, and Craft Health Co.

Safe Work Month at Black Hops consisted of four weekly themes aimed at promoting a healthy and happy workplace. Here’s what we did to support each week’s theme ..

Week 1: Working Together To Manage Risks At Work

In week one we ran a Manual Handling Training program (facilitated by our work Physiotherapists Physio Next Door), with individual sessions tailored to both our Production/Warehouse and Hospitality areas.

The training focused on identifying potentially dangerous manual tasks requiring employees to either lift, lower, push, pull, carry, hold or restrain an object. These issues can cause stress to the body and increase the risk of developing musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs), which are one of the leading work related conditions in Australia. 

Employees were briefed on completing risk assessments, using proper techniques for manual tasks and finding alternative methods of completing repetitive work tasks where appropriate.

Week 2: Working Together To Protect Workers Mental Health

Just like physical health, mental and psychological health is an important part of a happy and healthy workplace. Mental Health Week promotes the importance of mental health and wellbeing and aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

During this week we facilitated a Lunch & Learn session, facilitated by Emily Johnson from Get Mentally Fit, on the topic of Becoming Aware of, and Managing the Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. The program gave employees an insight into techniques for coping with depression and anxiety as well as exploring ways to best support colleagues that may be experiencing these issues.

We also engaged Mental Health First Aid to deliver accredited training for additional Wellness Ambassadors within Black Hops. We now have 17 staff equipped to deliver ongoing support relating to mental health issues within the workplace. Our team have access to our Wellness Ambassadors who can support during a mental health crisis, mental health episodes and point them in the right direction to receive the help they need.

Outside of work hours we provided staff with options to attend both a Yoga For Mental Health session, as well as a workshop called Mindful Func – The Science Of Wellbeing, with fun activities designed on optimising stress responses and using it to your advantage.

Week 3: Working Together To Support All Workers

Week 3 was about managing workplace health and safety (WHS) risks, with a focus on thinking about what could happen if someone is exposed to a hazard and how likely it is to happen. 

During this week, our People And Safety Manager Dan Shane spent time on the floor with each department to keep up to date with their operations and break down what each day looks like within each team. The aim of this exercise was to establish strategies for minimising or eliminating WHS risks based on the above, while updating our library of Job Dictionaries. 

And to keep everyone on their toes, we also ran fire drills across our sites to ensure our team is prepared for emergencies and evacuations. 

In addition to this, all Black Hops Sites are equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AED) that are readily available to respond to critical cardiac emergencies of staff members and patrons. AED on-site are provided by our First Aid Training and Supplier Alsco.

Week 4: Working Together To Ensure A Safe And Healthy Workplace

First up WHS Queensland Safety Advocate Bill Martin came on site to share his story. His son, Tim, passed away at the age of just 17 after he received an electric shock at work and Bill now visits Queensland businesses as a Safety Advocate. The focus of Bill’s presentation was to encourage workers to make workplace safety a priority, to not take shortcuts and to highlight the personal impacts that an accident can have on workers and their families. 

To wrap things up, Jed Riddy from Craft Health Co ran a workshop called Health and Fitness Success Strategies for the Craft Beer Community.  Jed has spent 12 years working in the fitness industry and as craft beer lover himself, he’s well versed on finding the balance between fitness and fun. Jed delivered insight and practical tips on working towards health and fitness goals while still enjoying a tipple. Cheers to that!

More help if needed ..

To ensure ongoing workplace support all year round, our staff and their immediate family have free access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partner Benestar, who provide confidential counselling/coaching in response to personal, work related, nutrition, financial and legal issues.



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