Black Hops Staff Awards 2021

On Monday, 9 December we celebrated the year that was at the annual Black Hops staff Christmas Party. Taking place within the ultra-cool confines of the Mobile Barber Shop Depot, it was time to let our hair down and raise a hearty toast in recognition of the achievements, milestones and people who defined our achievements in 2021. 

A big part of our end of year celebrations is acknowledging and celebrating the amazing and tireless work of the entire Black Hops crew, while giving special recognition to outstanding individual performances across all areas of the business.

Here’s how the 2021 Black Hops Staff Awards panned out .. 

Legend Of The Year: Joao ‘Wowsy’ De Oliviera

The Black Hops ‘Legend of the Year’ is the ‘big gong’ of each year’s awards, as voted for by all employees.

This year carry-over champion Cayle Lutas relinquished his title to BHII Warehouse/ Inventory Coordinator ‘Wowsy’, whose tireless dedication and all-round ‘top bloke’ aura made him a unanimous winner of the 2021 Black Hops Legend Of The Year Trophy.

As well as the ‘Legend’ and individual department awards, we also have 3 major awards and awards for each department.

Rookie Rockstar Award

This award is for the person who came on full time during the 2021 calendar year and hit the ground running. The award went to Biff Evison for his outstanding work in the lab as the Black Hops Sensory Co-ordinator.

Extra Mile Award

This award was taken out by 2021 newby Alex Drysdale, who came on full time as our maintenance manager. He consistently goes above and beyond in the call of duty.

The Leadership Award

This award went to Geraldo ‘Big G’ Longobardi, for demonstrating outstanding leadership in his role of Distribution Team Leader.

Departmental Employee Of The Year Awards

And to wrap up, congratulations to the following departmental legends for their exemplary service during 2021.

Taproom Superstar: Bree Coulthard (2nd year running)

Salesperson of the year: Cayle Lutas

Production team member of the year: Corey Castles

Chair Force: Kirsty Atkins

Supply Chain (The Send It Award): Mark Ramsey

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