Invest In One Of Australia’s Fastest Growing Breweries

Invest in one of Australia's fastest growing breweries

We are excited to announce that shortly we will be running our equity crowdfunding campaign. In 2015 in an Australian first, we launched our brewery using a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the opening. After waiting a long time for equity crowdfunding to become legal in Australia, we are now aiming to launch our second brewery, in another first, via equity crowdfunding.

This is an opportunity for every day aussies to own part of one of Australia's fastest growing breweries.

We will announce more details in the coming weeks, but for now, if you are interested in taking part or learning more, subscribe to our investor list below. People on the list will get the first opportunity to invest when we launch.

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More on Equity Crowdfunding

We've been going on about equity crowdfunding for a few years, but if you haven't dug into it yet, here are a few things to check out:

Invest as little as $50


We love the idea of Equity Crowdfunding because it's open to everyone.

Traditional investing is limited to people who can afford to invest large amounts. Equity crowdfunding allows everyday people to invest as little as $50.

We haven't quite decided our minimum yet but other campaigns in Australia have allowed people in at the $50 minimum and we will be looking to keep our minimum investment as low as we can. 

Success Stories


Equity Crowdfunding is only new in Australia, it's been legal overseas for quite a while. BrewDog have famously built their empire off the back of multiple crowdfunding rounds where early investors have seen extreme growth in the value of their shares. You can learn more about it here. 

Australia's first launch, Xinga raised over $2m. And with the successful raise undertaken by DC Power Co, Australia now already holds the record for the most amount of investors in a single campaign.

The First Opportunity To Invest

We will be announcing the opening of our campaign shortly, click the button below to get the first opportunity to invest. 



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