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Wayki • English IPA • ABV: 5.6% • Staff Beer

For his beer, Zac wanted to pay homage to his brewing influences, the flavours that made him fall in love with beer.  The result is a beer that pulls a little from different parts of the world. A malty English base, blended with American hops, with an addition of Kiwicha (Amaranth) a Peruvian grain that lends a slight nutty flavour, an English yeast strain combines to create a one of a kind English IPA.The specialty malt shines in this beer, bringing a combination of Toffee & Biscuit aromas and flavours. Combined with a balanced use of Columbus, Chinook & Loral hops, giving this English IPA its pine, resin & floral character. Together, this beer is incredibly soft and balanced, highlighted by its use of specialty malts and yeast.

May Contain: Soy, Milk, Peanut, Sesame, Egg, Tree Nuts


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