Black Hops Content & Social Media Summary 2019

2019 was another big year on the Black Hops content front, with the website attracting a lot of hits throughout the year off the back of a bunch of Blog Post updates, as well as the return of the Podcast with the launch of Season 3 and lots of growth on social media.

Here is a bit of a summary for how things went in 2019.

Overall website stats

High Level Website Stats for 2019

The total number of website visits for the year was 128,568, which equates to 10,714 website visits per month, or around 352 hits per day.

Here are some more interesting breakdowns:

  • Four out of five people hitting the website were new visitors according to Google Analytics (not super accurate).
  • The average amount of time spent by a website visitor: 1:44 minutes. 
  • The average number of pages visited per session: 2.
  • Total number of pages viewed: 253,120.

Overall these states have grown consistently since we launched the blog, but it is harder and harder these days to get people away from social media channels and onto the website. Our social media accounts have grown a lot more than the website in the same period. As you can see from the map below, our visits are mostly from Australia but we do get traffic from around the world, particularly the U.S.

20% of Traffic is From Outside Australia

There’s also been a consistently high percentage of people viewing the site on a mobile. Towards the end of this year we changed servers and halved the site speed, which helped a lot with people viewing the site on mobile.

Most Website Visits are on Their Phone

What Went Well On The Blog in 2019?

It was another solid year on the Black Hops blog. We are now up to 137 blog posts in total, about the same amount of unique beers we’ve created! 44 of those posts were this year however that includes 12 posts for hiring staff and 8 new podcast episodes so only 24 proper articles.

Here are the top posts by views for 2019, with the views listed.

Here are some other in depth articles worth a look that didn’t make the most visited list.

If there are ever any content ideas you’d like to see us cover on the blog, just let us know via our Facebook Ambassadors group and we’ll do our best to put something together.

Season 3 of the Operation Brewery Podcast

Black Hops Podcast Stats 2019

In addition to written content, this year we brought back the Operation Brewery podcast and launched 8 new episodes in season 3. Here’s the list of episodes in order of most views to least. All episodes are also available in the Apple Podcasts app and Spotify. The ones that have been out the longest will tend to have more views.

All up the podcast has now got 44,201 listens since launching it in 2015. Not a huge audience, but enough to make it worthwhile. It’s also interesting to see in the overall stats above that almost 20% of the audience is from the U.S.

Social media Snapshot

Social Media has been Growing Nicely, Particularly Instagram and our Facebook Group

As we mentioned, while the website growth has been there, most growth has been via social media. Here are our current stats with the growth for the year:

We also recently launched our second Instagram account @blackhopstaprooms which now has 516 followers.

Overall it’s been another fun year putting out content via our blog, podcast and social channels. If you have any content ideas you’d like us to cover, just hit us up in the Facebook Ambassador Group and we’ll do our best to cover it.


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