Espionage – 6% Hazy IPA

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Espionage • Hazy IPA • ABV: 6.0% • Recon Series

Returning from his trip in Europe & North America, Black Hops Co-Founder, Eddie, brought back with him a sea of knowledge from visiting breweries on his travels in various countries. This beer, Espionage, was influenced by a brewery in San Francisco where they used unmalted Wheat & Rye, which improves the haze and body of the beer. The Rye malt enhances the beer’s mouthfeel, adding a silky fullness to the malt character, whilst also complimenting the citrus notes found in the hops. Followed by late addition hopping, resulting in lower bitterness and high aroma, with an onslaught of our favourite hops from the USA, NZ and Australia. 



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