OPERATION BREWERY S03E01 – Our Equipment Setup at Black Hops II

Dan Norris Podcast

It’s been 2 years but our podcast on our journey building a brewery business is back for a 3rd season! Season 1 was about how we were going about building our first brewery, Season 2 focused on our efforts around quality and submitting to the AIBA Beer Awards. This Season is all about growth. Co-founder Dan is hosting the season …

OPERATION BREWERY S02E01 – Making beer well with Hendo from BrewCult

Dan Norris Podcast

Operation Brewery is back! If you missed last season, we focused on how we were going about building our brewery. It’s been 7 months since then and things are a bit different.
This season, Road to the AIBA’s will document our journey to improve the beer we make and work towards the big night for beer in Australia, the AIBA’s in May.

On episode 1 we catch up with good mate and beer legend Steve (Hendo) Henderson about what we have planned.

OPERATION BREWERY EP1 – Listen to us attempt to raise money to build a brewery

Dan Norris Podcast

This week we are stoked to announce the release of our new podcast, Operation Brewery. The show will be a 10 part series that takes you into our world as we work on opening the Black Hops Brewery and Cellar Door on the Gold Coast, Australia. In episode 1 we take you inside our investor meetings as we start the process …