XRAY HAZE: The Inside Story

Our second bi-monthly Limited Release of 2023 is XRAY HAZE, a thick, juicy Hazy IPA packing a citrus and resinous punch with a story deeper than what you see on the surface.

Brewed with HPA Australia’s new Galaxy Spectrum hop variant, this hop derived liquid is 8 times stronger than traditional hop pellets. The hop intensity is paired beautifully with a protein rich malt bill of oats and wheat for a thick and pillowy soft mouthfeel.

For this release we’ve revealed the hidden elements of this Hazy IPA, journeying deep into the layers of what is usually a covert operation. Each can features a QR code that gives you access to videos behind the scenes from can printing, brewing, packaging and breakdown of ingredients from our brewers.

X-ray your way through the haze as we discover these elements ..

Designing The XRAY HAZE Can

The concept behind XRAY HAZE began with the idea of unveiling every detail that goes into producing a limited release beer here at Black Hops. When the idea of XRAY HAZE started forming we knew that Aidan Howes, with his unique artistic slant, would be the perfect designer to take on this project.

Check out our recent blog post on Aidan and his work as part of our Beer Can Design Spotlight series.

We decided to give Aidan full creative freedom for this release and we were stoked when he came back with the stunning final artwork that captures the concept of XRAY HAZE perfectly.

“There’s so much unseen chemistry going on in brew tanks. I loved the idea of an xray insight into the ingredients and processes happening inside – like seeing into the notes and aromas hiding away inside the humble hop.” – Aidan Howes

Watch the clip to discover more ..

A Peek Inside The XRAY HAZE Recipe & Brewing Process

XRAY HAZE features a protein-rich malt bill consisting of rolled and malted oats, wheat, sour grapes, caramel pils and pale malt from our silo. Together, the malts bring soft and thick mouthfeel, balancing out the intense flavours from the hops and playing a role in its hazy appearance.

On the hops side, XRAY HAZE features a blend of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Galaxy Spectrum. Collectively, these hops are packed full of tropical fruits and citrus combined with pine and resinous flavours, with a medium bitterness and lingering sweetness.

XRAY HAZE also features Galaxy Spectrum, the next generation of liquid dry hopping from Hop Products Australia (HPA), Australia’s largest hop farm. Boasting eight times the intensity of traditional hop pellets, Spectrum enhances the peach, passionfruit and citrus flavours of Australia’s very own Galaxy hop.

In this clip, HPA explains their brand new hop product and how it’s used in XRAY HAZE.

In the following videos our Lead Brewer, Bill, and Production Manager, Lara take you through some of the ingredients and brewing processes used to create XRAY HAZE.

  • In this clip Lara and Bill discuss all the malts that went into this limited release Hazy IPA.
  • Watch here as Lara and Bill take you through all the hops that were used for the brew, breaking down their unique aromatics and flavours.

And for a sneak-peek inside our XRAY HAZE brew day, head here.

XRAY HAZE Can Production

VISY is responsible for can, glass and carton production for some of the biggest names in the brewing industry and we are fortunate to have one of their plants in our backyard.

They granted us unprecedented media access to film the production of our latest limited release, XRAY HAZE. The machine used to print the artwork onto bare aluminium cans at maximum velocity, churns out 2,600 cans per minute, completing our 50,000 can order in just under 50 minutes from start to finish!

Watch here as we take you through each step of the process, from a roll of aluminium through the stages of artwork printing, packaging and delivery.

XRAY Merchandise

Thirsty Merchants are responsible for producing branded products and merchandise for independent craft breweries around Australia. Since 2015, the team at Thirsty have helped elevate the brand experience of Australian craft beer to new heights.

We have been working with Thirsty for many years and we knew we had to include them in our XRAY HAZE project. Using their Direct-To-Garment fabric printer, we printed a limited run of full-colour graphic XRAY HAZE commemorative shirts.

Check out the video, we think the results speak for themselves.

Capturing That Perfect XRAY Image

Ever wondered where our epic studio shots for our core range and limited releases come from? That would be Daryl from Digi Sku Product Photography. The company began in January 2018 and has helped many local businesses and international brands.

With over 14 years experience in product photography and marketing, Digi Sku delivers passion and expertise to each project we give them. It also helps that they like a beer or two!

In this video, Daryl takes you behind the scenes of his photography process for our latest limited release, XRAY HAZE.

XRAY HAZE 7.2% Hazy IPA is our second bi-monthly limited release for 2023. It is available for a limited time at all Black Hops Taprooms as well as across a range of retail stores around the country. To find out where to find it, head to the Black Hops Beer Finder.



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