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  1. We’re hiring! – Your mission, bring Black Hops to the people of NSW

    Black Hops is on a mission for a commission sales rep to represent our brand in Sydney.

  2. Black Hops at Brewsvegas 2017

    Brewsvegas is a grass roots, community minded celebration of Brisbane’s burgeoning craft beer culture. Here’s the lowdown on which events Black Hops will be hosting or involved with during Brewsvegas 2017, from 10 – 19 March.

  3. Don’t ask for craft: how you can drive beer choice at your local

    Those of us who love quality beer can often be limited for choice when it comes to drinking our favourites when we’re out. So how can you, as a beer loving consumer, influence what type of beer gets served at your local? Well one way is by not asking for ‘craft beer’ at all!

  4. OPERATION BREWERY S02E02 – AIBA Awards Explained with Hendo

    Operation Brewery is back! If you missed last season, we focused on how we were going about building our brewery.This season, “Road to the AIBA’s”, will document our journey to improve the beer we make and work towards the big night for beer in Australia, the AIBA’s in May. In this episode we chat with Hendo about how the AIBA’s run.