Press Release: Black Hops Enter The NFT Realm, Announce Launch of Beta Team

Gold Coast: December 2021

Gold Coast craft brewery Black Hops have announced the launch of the Black Hops Beta Team, an exclusive meeting point for like-minded individuals with a passion for beer, cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web3.

With the flourishing growth in digital assets via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) during 2021, CEO Dan Norris recognised an opportunity for the rapidly growing craft beer operation to get creative and have fun while leveraging from the opportunities presented through the rise of next-level blockchain and web technology. “I love the opportunities the explosion in the NFT space has provided for creatives and we want to help push that message further. Beer cans are some of the coolest design projects, so they are a great fit for NFTs and beer can designers are often under-appreciated and pour days and days into fairly low paying projects. Web3 has the potential to change the way creatives work and are rewarded for their work and I think this could be a hugely positive shift.“

To kick off the launch of the Beta Team, Black Hops have commenced two NFT centric projects. The first of these revolves around a new beer to launch on New Years Eve, a Choc Banana Stout, with the can designed around the NFT OnChain Monkey #5073. It will also coincide with Black Hops’ first ever NFT, a limited release Monkey Business can mockup, which will be available to all Beta Team members for a limited time. OnChain Monkey (OCM) is an early NFT project with a charitable mission. Black Hops will support the mission by donating ​​$1 from every can of Monkey Business sold to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

The second project will see the release of 1,000 unique Hopman NFT tokens, each a unique take on the Hopman character originally made famous by the limited release Black Hops beer, Moondancer Hazy IPA.

To find out more about these projects and to join the Discord Server and be part of the Beta Team club, head on over to the Black Hops website.

The Black Hops team have been very active in sharing their story via blogs, podcasts and on social media:

For media enquiries please contact Dan Norris – Black Hops Co-Founder
0434 152 966 or email

3 thoughts on “Press Release: Black Hops Enter The NFT Realm, Announce Launch of Beta Team”

  1. Hey team, love the beer and the mission, but I’m very sceptical about NFTs, specifically how energy intensive they are to make, maintain and trade. Do you have an idea of much carbon emissions your NFTs create and if it’s at all balanced by the $1/can?

  2. My basic understanding is some projects can be pretty energy intensive. This will run on Eth which is a fair bit more efficient than something like Bitcoin. There is still a fair bit of energy used though, because Eth is still proof of work, once it moves to proof of stake it would be significantly less.

    There are other platforms that we could potentially use for the NFTs like Polygon and Solana which are already running on proof of stake and require minimal energy usage. I would rather use Eth for now knowing they are moving towards proof of stake, however we could always change our minds.

    To be honest with you, I wouldn’t be able to tell you specifically how much carbon emissions is associated with any aspect of what we do. But I can say that we are a lot more concerned about the amount of c02 that goes into making beer than making NFTs.

  3. Hey Guys, bought a four pack of the choc banana stout before Chrissy and saved them. Went to register them but found I had to register with Discord etc so put it all on the back burner. Went to register them only now and found the site from the qr code no longer works. Have I missed the boat and left it too late?

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