Reviewing Our 2022 Limited Release Beers

Our bi-monthly Limited Release series of beers for 2022 have wrapped up with the unveiling of our November/December brew, a 5.5% Grapefruit XPA known as Foreverland.

Some of these beers were previous faves that we brought back, such as Caribbean Haze. While others are either brand new beers or franchise versions of other beers, such as the current Foreverland, which is a sessionable derivative of cult fave Neverland IIPA ( which was Sales gun Jesses’ staff anniversary brew.)

Here’s a recap of all six bi-monthly Limited Edition beers that we brewed in 2022 ..

January/February: Caribbean Haze

Our first limited release beer for 2022 was a beer that has developed a dedicated following since we first brewed it a few years ago, a 7.8% fruit and rum-soaked Hazy IIPA, Caribbean Haze.

Caribbean Haze was originally brewed for the 2019 Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (GABS). This Caribbean-inspired Hazy Double American IPA is infused with citrus, pineapple, mango, coconut and Capricorn Distilling Co Spiced Rum, to give this already aromatic style a fresh Caribbean twist.

March/April: Galactic Symphony

Inspired by the Space-X launch, with its striking images of lights trailing across the sky, this 7% Hazy IPA started with the can design by Dave Heavyside, whose work for us has included the award winning Murder Hornet Black IPA can, which finished top 5 in the 2021 GABS Can Design Awards. You can read more about his work for us here, as well as how the Galactic Symphony design came about.

A hazy recollection of a close encounter with another kindred spirit deep in the night. Bass and treble mix to excite the senses. No words are spoken, the sound of a thousand light years fills the void. The universal language of music connects us all through time and space.

May/June: Chair Force One / Mega Hornet

Following on from the very well received Galactic Symphony, our third limited release drop for 2022 is not just one but two beers – a Chair Force One and Mega Hornet combo!

Chair Force One: 6.5% Chocolate Coffee Stout

While not directly on the battleground, the Black Hops office team (The Chair Force) have the enviable task of holding fort at Black Hops behind the scenes. Their mission drink of choice is coffee in the mornings and beer in the afternoons. But in an endless pursuit of efficiency, they decided to combine them. This 6.5% creamy milk stout is flanked by a helping of chocolate and a generous dose of coffee courtesy of our new neighbours at Black Hops Brisbane, Fortitude Coffee Roasters. Coffee’s for closers, beer is for bosses.

Mega Hornet: 11% Triple IPA

The biggest IPA in our range, Mega Hornet makes Super Hornet feel like a session ale. Don’t be fooled by the tropical aromas from the U.S. hops Columbus, Citra, Simcoe and Strata, at 11% ABV, the Mega Hornet is for experienced pilots only. It was originally brewed by Brew Crew legend Toshi to celebrate his 1 year anniversary at Black Hops.

July/August: Hop Swap II

The idea of Hop Swap was simple; choose one of our favourite hops and swap it with a like-minded brewery to create a fun collaboration.

After a successful run with the Hop Swap concept in 2021 (collaborating with Chur/Behemoth Brewing), we decided we should absolutely do it again, this time with our mates at Rocky Ridge Brewing in WA. Together we created a juicy 6.8% IPA, Hop Swap II, bringing low bitterness and big fruit

This release, dubbed a cross-continental IPA, brings a slightly East Coast/slightly West Coast IPA, taking the low bitterness and big fruit aromas from the East Coast style and the clarity and appearance from the West Coast IPA.

September/October: British India Pale Ale

A beer brewed in collaboration with Oz alt-rock royalty British India and the annual Crafted Beer Festival, British India 5.5% Pale Ale signifies good times, loud music and a slight nod to the birth of the IPA.

This is a modern IPA using a blend of Australian and English pale malts, showcasing Australian hops and English yeast. Pale yellow, bursting with tropical fruit and a touch of cloudiness.

November/December: Foreverland

The origins of this beer can be traced back to cult fave Neverland, a Hazy Grapefruit IIPA originally brought to life by Black Hops Sales gun Jesse for his one year staff anniversary. For this Limited Release we decided to morph it into a sessionable treat for the upcoming summer months .. 

Find your happy place amidst the next instalment of the Neverland franchise, a 5.5% Grapefruit XPA called Foreverland. Big pithy grapefruit and citrus dominates the aroma and flavour with a smooth, soft hazy malt bill to balance it out. A toned down Neverland in a more sessionable package, perfect for these warmer days.


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