Sundancer And The Story Of Hop Man

Kicking off the new year with passion sees us welcome our first Limited Release of 2023, Sundancer, a 6.5% Passionfruit Hazy IPA.

Sundancer is a lush & juicy hazy IPA with the jive-inducing hop trio of Samba, Strata and Sabro, injected with lashings of fresh passionfruit. The daytime counterpart to previous limited release, Moondancer, Sundancer is ready for your adventures, wherever they may take you.

Those with an eye for Black Hops history will recognise the animated character catching a wave on the Sundancer can as none other than Hop Man. This hoppy little fella first made waves (ha!) back in 2020 at the GABS Can Design Awards, held in recognition of the fine art of designing a killer craft beer can.

Moondancer: The Hop Man Saga Commences

At the 2020 inaugural event we were stoked to make the list of finalists with our limited release Moondancer Hazy IPA, with ace designer Troy Cochrane creating a new character, affectionately dubbed ‘Hop Man’, dancing around a campfire under a full moon. The design was so popular it inspired more than a few Hop Man tattoos and fireside beers! Moondancer ended up coming in 7th. We even had a Hop Man party shirt.

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Following on from Moondancer, Hop Man was reprised with these fine brews ..

Hop Man Returns: 6.2% Hazy IPA

Coming alive as a sneaky surprise character on the back of our Moondancer can, Hop Man became a movement.

T Shirts, stickers and tattoos were just the beginning, so of course we had to bring him back, to coincide with the launch of our Brisbane taproom in November 2020.

This time designed for a longer party at 6.2%, this Samba, Sabro and Strata Hazy IPA brought back the tropical, coconut and tangerine vibes of the original.

Hop Man Out: 5.2% Sunset Ale

This beer was a fitting finale to the original Hop Man Trilogy.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as our hero disappears into a sunset blend of dark crystal malts providing bready, toasted, cola flavours with a lingering dried fruit sweetness and a rich red hue. This is backed up by the bold tropical fruit hop characters of Samba, Sabro and Strata.

Dancing In The Moonlight: 6.8% Hoppy Porter

The next chapter in the Hop Man series was a sultry, smooth, Hoppy Porter.

Bursting with the hop blend of Strata, Zappa and Sabro; found in previous Hop Man releases, you can expect juicy berry, passionfruit and stone fruit aromas with some dankness and a touch of coconut cream from the Sabro. Balanced with a smooth, dark chocolate, porter malt bill, this is a winter beer for those who love hops.

Sundancer 6.5% Passionfruit Hazy IPA is our first bi-monthly limited release for 2023. It proudly carries on with the legacy of Hop Man, with the can once again designed by Troy Cochrane.

It is available now at all Black Hops Taprooms and online, as well as across a range of retail stores around the country. To find out where to find it, head to the Black Hops Beer Finder.



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