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  1. Mission to Melbourne: a wrap up of our AIBA’s/GABS trip

    Find out what went down when Black Hops founders Eddie, Govs and Dan headed down to Melbourne for the AIBA/GABS doubleheader Awards Nights recently.

  2. America Trip Wrap Up – 9 things that stood out about the U.S. Craft Beer scene

    We had a ball checking out the American craft beer scene recently. Here’s 9 things that really stood out for us while we were there.

  3. Water chemistry: the science of brewing an epic beer

    The words ‘water chemistry’ are probably not the first thing that most people associate with brewing great beer. But without the correct water chemistry balance of salts, ions and minerals during the brewing process, your beer won’t be what it should be.

  4. What is the best temperature for beer?

    In this blog post we talk about how the temperature that you drink a beer at can affect how it tastes. Some beers taste best served at cellar room temperature, while others taste best served cool or icy cold. Read on and find out which Black Hops beer tastes best at cellar room temperature..