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  1. We’re Hiring! Black Hops need your help getting our beer to the people (Delivery driver/all rounder)

    Black Hops Brewing is located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Queensland. We are looking for an energetic, focused and motivated person to join our beer loving team on a full time basis with the very important job of getting our beer to the people.

  2. Stout vs Porter: WTF is the difference?

    A question we often get asked is, WTF is the difference between a Porter and a Stout? So our head brewer, Govs, has had a shot at solving the riddle and explaining the difference between these two fine styles of ale.

  3. Brewery Finance – How we are going about raising money to build Black Hops

    On the Black Hops blog, we like to tackle questions that we and other new breweries found it hard to find answers to when we started. Raising investment finance is one of the biggest examples of a topic like this. In this post we dig into all the options that we’ve either used or considered to help fund Black Hops.

  4. Craft beer prices: how much does beer cost to make?

    We often get asked how much it costs to brew our beer, so in this post we go into all of the costs associated with making one of our most popular craft beers, Beach House.

  5. WTF is Black Hops Brewing?

    This post runs through who we are and what we are planning at Black Hops Brewing.