The California Love Trilogy

California Love, our 7.2% West Coast IPA, has long been a Black Hops’ connoisseur’s favourite from our Limited Release range. And recently, as well as bringing the original back for another very limited run, we also created two new Cali derivatives of the Hazy and Imperial variety – a killer Cali Triumvirate!

California Love: The Original

California Love first made an appearance as a Limited Release beer back in February 2019.

We brewed this one because it was the kind of beer we wanted to drink and represented a bit of a departure from the sweeter Hazy’s going around at the start of 2019.

It was inspired by Black Hops founders Dan, Eddie and Gov’s trip down the West Coast of the USA in 2018.

In the current sea of sweet hazy’s, Cali Love calls back to the style that pioneered the craft beer boom. At 7.2% and bursting with aroma of citrus fruits and pine, Cali Love offers a full malt body, dry finish and firm bitterness to allow the classic West Coast hop flavours to take centre stage.

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2021: Cali Love Can Rebrand

You can’t go wrong with a solid West Coast in summer, so since its initial unveiling we’ve brought California Love back on a semi regular basis.

In January 2021 we moved away from the original strip label and came out with a brand new design, created by ace can designer Dave Heavyside, whose work has featured heavily across the Black Hops range for a number of years now. The beer recipe stayed the same.

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2023: A Triple Dose Of Cali

In addition to once again bringing back the original, two new Cali delights were brewed for a strictly limited run at the Black Hops taprooms in April 2023. These beers were also canned in limited batches for our exclusive beer club, Home Guard. To find out how you can join, keep reading ..

California Haze – 6.8% Hazy IPA

The original California Love was made to stand out from the sea of the ever popular Hazy IPA style. But this didn’t stop us from thinking how delicious a Hazy version of Cali Love would taste, so we decided to find out.

California Haze is a 6.8% Hazy IPA hopped with the tropical blend of Amarillo, Riwaka and Mosaic hops. It’s filled with the juicy flavours and aromas of zesty grapefruit, luscious mango, fresh pine and orange citrus. Paired beautifully with the warmer sunshine-filled months of Spring, California Haze is the sun-kissed oasis you seek.

Imperial California Love – 9.2% Imperial West Coast IPA

It’s time to remind ourselves of the brute force of an old school Imperial West Coast IPA. This amped up version of our beloved Cali Love offers intense hop aroma and flavours of citrus and pine followed by robust lingering bitterness with a dry finish.

Home Guard Beer Subscription

Home Guard is an exclusive beer club for lovers of fresh and limited release Black Hops Beers, such as the California Love Trilogy. You pay $57.50 per month and get a box delivered every 2 months.

It opens for membership every few months for a limited time only. To register your interest in enlisting in Black Hops Home Guard, join the email list to be notified of our next intake.



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