Canning More Beer – Black Hops’ $3m Packaging Line Upgrade

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We recently announced that we’re about to commence a three million dollar upgrade to our primary production brewery at Biggera Waters (BHII) on the Northern Gold Coast with the purchase and pending implementation of a new, state of the art packaging line solution. You can read the press release here. It’s a big step up for us, but a necessary …

How We’ve Moved to a More Environmentally Friendly Online Packaging Process

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Packaging and distribution is the final phase of our beer production process, following on from the brewing and cellaring phases. Previously on the blog we’ve gone into detail on our canning and packaging processes: In this post we covered off what we use for our canning and packaging solutions and how they operate across both our sites. And in this …

Canning and packaging our beer – here’s how we do it

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Canning and packaging are two of the most important aspects of our beer production process here at Black Hops. Our two breweries operate under different set-ups, with Burleigh HQ running both automated and manual set ups in tandem, while BHII in Biggera Waters runs with a more automated set-up. In this post we cover what we use for our canning …

Our equipment setup for Black Hops Brewery II: Part 1

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Recently on the blog we posted an update on how the new Black Hops brewery is progressing. We briefly discussed some of the new brewing equipment required to meet our up-scaled production targets. But that was only scratching the surface. So in this 2-part post we’ll dig into our specific equipment we are running with for BHII. In this post …

Eddie’s dad’s home beer tap system will make you re-evaluate your life’s priorities

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We all know, every man’s dream is to have cold fresh beer on tap in the comfort of his castle. Well some of us dream and some of us do. That’s what we love about Eddie’s dad Martin, he’s a doer. In this post, he takes us through his extremely boss system for drinking black hops beer on tap at home.

Chinese commercial brewing equipment, six months on

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Three months ago we opened the doors to Black Hops after a solid 12 months of planning and setup. Since our first brew on 18 June we’ve been brewing regularly on our commercial brewing equipment sourced from China. We cover the story of our startup and the equipment at great lengths in our upcoming book, Operation Brewery. That book is about …

Silver lining series 1: I Heart Lager collab with 4 Hearts Brewing

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As per our motto of being ‘the least covert operation in brewing’, we want to share all of our brewing stories with you, both good and bad. Brews don’t always go according to plan, but as we’ve found out, sometimes this can be a good thing! We’ll be doing a series in the blog, on examples where our brewing mishaps …