What exactly is equity crowdfunding?

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If you’ve followed our journey until now, you will know that we’ve always been open about how we are financing Black Hops. Building a brewery costs money and from early on, we’ve documented a range of options we’ve used to make it happen. From our very first podcast where we recorded conversations with potential investors, to our successful reward-based crowdfunding …

Announcing the Black Hops Equity Crowdfunding Round

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We are excited to announce that shortly we will be running our equity crowdfunding campaign. In 2015 in an Australian first, we launched our brewery using a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the opening. After waiting a long time for equity crowdfunding to become legal in Australia, we are now aiming to launch our second brewery, in another first, via …

How we raised $400,000 in under a week to fund the Black Hops brewery expansion

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It’s been 3 years now since the concept of Black Hops was born, off the back of Eddie’s original idea to brew an Eggnog Stout. One thing we’ve learnt over the journey so far is that operating a brewery is an expensive business. In this post we go into detail about how we raised $400,000 in our latest investment round …

Brewery Finance – How we are going about raising money to build Black Hops

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On the Black Hops blog, we like to tackle questions that we and other new breweries found it hard to find answers to when we started. Raising investment finance is one of the biggest examples of a topic like this. In this post we dig into all the options that we’ve either used or considered to help fund Black Hops.